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March 25, 2013 / Letter of the Week

Letter R

Letter Activities Header


I love how the colours had to match the background!  You can get this series of printables from Home School Creations

Little Red Hen

We read the classic Little Golden Book The Little Red Hen.  Then he dot painted a picture of a hen.  I tried to continue on with an activity related to the book (we were going to bake bread) but much like the characters in the book, there was no way he was going to bake bread.

Left and Right Worksheet

We did this group of worksheet activities from Kids Learning Station and he kind of astounded me with how quickly he cottoned onto the concept of left and right.  We’d spoken about it before so it wasn’t completely new but he did this worksheet completely by himself and as you can see (checks to make sure) he got everything right!  I’ve tried using left and right in a few real life situations (ie, when I pick him up from child care which way our car is parked) and he almost always goes the correct direction.

Mosaic Letter R

We made a letter R using his Mosaic Pin Board that you saw back in Letter M week.

rainbow craft

Using cotton balls for clouds and coloured pop sticks for the rainbow we made a rainbow picture.  And there is a funny story behind this picture.  I’m not quite sure why I was googling this after the event but I saw a picture that was EXACTLY the same as mine!  So I was all kinds of self righteous and mad before I realised that I’d not even uploaded the picture yet, I was just remembering what it looked like from my camera.  *facepalm*  So there may very well be someone out there looking at this picture thinking it’s exactly the same as theirs.  But it’s not.  I ran out of yellow pop sticks so we had to use two oranges. 😀  But seriously, that’s the only difference.  Crazy!

Golden Books

We read a few more Little Golden Books.  It is amazing how many alternate endings to Little Red Riding Hood there are!

Rocking Robot

We played this Rockin Robot game.  He loves robots so I thought this would be a huge hit.  It kind of wasn’t.  The game has a timer that you set and cards of different robot card templates that you have to make.  If you take too long, the timer goes off and all the bits explode everywhere.  He liked building the robot but hated the explosion.  So we just didn’t use the timer or we set it off only once he’d finished.  He doesn’t like things to be unfinished.

rockin robot

And here it is in progress!  There’s mainly two options for the pieces but the head has four options (on the back of the red eye piece, for example, is square eyes)

Froot Loop Rainbow

I introduced my kid to Froot Loops for the sake of this activity and it is a match made in heaven.  He absolutely adores them.  Not a surprise when you consider how much sugar is in those things!  I can’t believe that it can actually be classed as food!  But he did manage to almost complete his froot loop rainbow before he started munching.

finished froot loop rainbow

Here is the finished product.

Russian Dolls

We made some Russian Dolls from Activity Village.  There is more to the template and you are actually able to nest them inside one another.  Colouring is clearly not his strong point…


Although having said that, this is probably his very best colouring EVER.  It was so good that I even offered to stick it up on his wall.  He is so proud of it, he has to show everyone who comes over to our house his rainbow.


This picture is actually all kinds of awesome.  I cut out some shapes for us to make a robot but before I put them the way they were supposed to go, I just put them on the table and asked J what he could make out of them.  The first thing he came up with was, indeed, a robot (which I stupidly didn’t get a photo of) but then he dismantled the robot and made this city!  There are three houses (the green pieces), one is mine, one is his and one is Daddy’s and we all have swimming pools out the front with a little bit of grass.


Then he took it apart and came up with this dog!

another city

And then he really started clutching at straws and made this other city.


And this is a submarine.  But I totally didn’t have to tell you that, did I??


And finally, here is his robot.

Other Activities


We did some painting and I actually managed to take a pic which really conveys the joy he was feeling.  So even though he’s got a yucky lip and nose and dirty glasses, this is one of my favourite pics I’ve taken of him recently.  It’s so real, if that makes sense.


He still loves his World Game so we made a few of the capitals using his Letter Construction Kit.  And for those of you who don’t know, Godthab is the capital of Greenland.


And Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.  Yes, I did have to just go and look them up.  No, if my son was awake I wouldn’t have needed to.

February 9, 2013 / Letter of the Week

Letter Q

Letter Activities Header


His completed Letter Q.  Well, actually, this isn’t the finished product – he coloured all around the white bits and recoloured the mouths.  But this is where I had hoped he would stop!  You can get this printable from Home School Creations

And that’s about it for Q activities this week!  Since Q is basically impossible to think of any activities for, I just decided that we’d revisit some old favourites this week.  We did attempt to make a paper quilt but someone got bored half way through and then ripped up his pictures so there went my only Q activity.

Other Activities Header


I got the moon sand out again and he does love it.  I don’t think he smiled the whole time, he was just concentrating intently.


And moon sand is the only thing I will put in that UGLY casserole dish!


The playing of the World Game (This One) has abated slightly but we’ve come up with a new adaptation!  You can’t really tell from the photo but we put all the countries in alphabetical order and then put their capitals on top.  They weren’t strict alpha order, simply “A countries” and then “B Countries”.  This took ages but he loved it.


We then got out the Letter Construction set and made the capital and the country words.  Thankfully he only wanted to do one country and capital before he got bored.  That would have lasted for days had he wanted to do the lot!

Three Letter Words

We did some matching of three letter words with their respective pictures.  He did extremely well at this although I feel he is only looking at the first letter and recognising that and the sound rather than successfully reading all of these words!  However, that is a step toward reading so that’s all good.  He definitely knows a few of them but there was a bit of guess work going on.


This one kind of baffled me.  I think we did these patterns right near the beginning of Letter of the Week (almost a year ago now) and he couldn’t do it.  There were two different lots of pictures but they both had a ABCA pattern.  This time, he did one easily and then I gave him this one, which, as you can see, is the same ABCA pattern but he couldn’t do it!  He was sure that the rabbit went next and got really grumpy when I tried to tell him that it didn’t.  So how he can “get it” with one lot of pictures but not another I’m very unsure (he had no help on the first one, he just did it) so I’ll keep this pattern and drag it out again in a few months time.


We did the Cat Preschool Pack from 1+1+1=1 that I’d downloaded so long ago and forgot about!  This was all too easy.


I think I said this last post but he adores anything that can, in any way, be thought of as a race.  Graphing is wonderful as it’s a race, you get to do different colours, and your monkey watches on on the background.


Silly, happy, boy!


This worksheet (still from the Cat Pack) is for kids to fill in the blank letters of the alphabet.  But I mainly included this photo to illustrate one of the many positions he likes to do his activities in.  It really doesn’t look comfortable but I guess that’s how kids concentrate.  I wonder if mainstream schooling should pick up on my brilliant observations rather than making kids sit at desks? LOL

First Passport

This wasn’t a planned activity this week.  We’d had an appointment the day before for his eyes and they were running incredibly late….as in 50 minutes late!  And because it was a long appointment he had to have some drops and then wait another 20 minutes before the drops had dilated his pupils enough for the next doctor to do her thing.  Over an hour of waiting time isn’t really ideal for a 3.5 year old but he was so incredibly brilliant and waited so patiently, it was ME who was getting huffy and wanting to throw a temper tantrum, not him!  So because he was exceptionally good for such a long time, I said I’d buy him a present.  This is made by the same people who make his beloved world game and you may be able to see from all the stickers on the front, it’d been marked down to $15.  Score!


And this is what’s in that little suitcase.  It focuses on five countries (Australia, USA, UK, China and Russia) and there are stickers of landmarks, animals, foods, flags and people that you have to stick on the correct page.  That was quite difficult for him.  In the middle is the passport where you’re sticking the stickers.  On the right are some postcards and on the back of them there is a picture to colour in, room for the stamps you can see down the bottom and some questions.  There was also a map where you could write the names of the countries.  The space allocated for writing the countries was quite small.  Fine for UK and USA but Australia definitely didn’t fit using “toddler writing”.

January 26, 2013 / Letter of the Week

Letter P

Letter Activities Header

Paint with water

This picture didn’t turn out too well but he is doing painting with water. He did about three of these before he got bored so definitely well worth the $2 I spent on the entire booklet of templates!


We did the entire Pooh Bear pack from Living Life Intentionally. Here is the addition readiness. I expected him to romp this in and I wasn’t disappointed. He’s been doing simple addition for some time now. The writing of numbers, on the other hand, needs a bit of practice.


He didn’t really seem to get the concept of jump counting although we did manage to fill out all the numbers. This took FOREVER! He also kept putting his numbers back to front (ie, 02 instead of 20). We happened to have a paediatrician appointment a few days after he did this and he assured us that it’s completely normal. It’s more unusual that a 3.5 year old knows his numbers as well as J does.


This was a disaster! I held onto this for SO LONG waiting for P week and it was a bomb. 1. You can only use it once (as in, each piece can only be used once) 2. You need to get a very exact amount of water on it to bond it – too little and it doesn’t work and too much and you end up with a soggy mess 3. There are not really enough of one colour to make any of the suggestions in the instruction booklet except for a tree. Glad I didn’t pay too much for it. I might get it out again in a year or so.


And after that short interlude with Playcorn, we’re back to the Pooh Bear Pack. He did this with no problems at all until we got to Tall and Short and Big and Small. Neither of us could really decide wither Piglet should be Short or Small and same with Roo so I just guessed. It’s pretty bad when even the Mum isn’t sure of a Pre School pack answer! LOL


This blurry photo shows the Pooh Bear Pack Numbers page. This is where he got stuck drawing his 6 and 8’s which led to the first pic under “Other Activities”


I knew he’d do just fine with his colours and he did. It was such a cool pic, though, he did it all by himself and even did a pattern on the P up the top.


We put together his Lego police station that he got for Christmas. He then played with it, demolished it, put it back together (with assistance), played with it again. Definitely a hit. Especially because the lights on the police car flash and make siren sounds when pressed. A little boy’s dream toy!

Playdough Garden

We made a playdough garden! I had made him four colours of play dough for Christmas (and somehow, miraculously, they are all still in four separate colours rather than the one heaps of mish mash I expected) so we put a little in each hole in the egg carton.

Playdough Garden Flowers

And then we “planted” some fake flowers.

Playdough Garden Windowsill

And put them on our windowsill.

Doubloon Graphing

I was sure that I got this Jake and the Neverland Pirates pack from 1+1+1=1 but I can’t find the link to it anywhere – only a Kindergarten Pack which looks very interesting! In this pic he is doing the doubloon graphing. This was a HUGE hit. To him, everything is a race, so the colours were racing to the top. And believe me, it was a close finish 😉


We got out the Pin Board again but he really wasn’t terribly interested. Oh well, maybe another time.


I sometimes give this to him during his “quiet time” but he never really does much with it. He needs a bit more direction in order to do it. Here is the felt board when we’d just started putting bits and pieces together.


Here is the finished product! He definitely had some help with parts of it. Like the pants. He totally wanted his pirates to be gangster with pants only pulled up to their knees.


I’ve been holding onto this one for a while, too. Although it said 6+ on the box I figured that he could always just play with it! Turns out that the age recommendation was probably on the money (or at least, it wasn’t suitable for a 3 year old!). I ended up pretty much making it, he passed me things as I needed them.


Here he is with the finished product. It actually turned out quite well and pretty much looked like the one on the box! He loved it and played with it for ages, going back to it on other days, too. Success!


I found a recipe for Puffy Paint online so we gave it a go. It didn’t really work too well for us, I’m afraid. I had to change the recipe (ie, add a heap more water) as my paint was more like dough!


Here is the finished paintings. They are all suns, by the way. The first one we did (bottom right) I don’t think I microwaved for long enough so the middle didn’t really puff up. I doubled the time to microwave (which I’d already doubled from the “recipe”) and the green and the blue singular ones worked out much better. He generally loves painting so I thought he’d really want to do a lot more of these – I’d cut up a heap of cardboard – but he’d had enough after these “masterpieces” were completed.

Other Activities


He was doing some number writing and getting terribly frustrated with his inability to correctly draw a number 6 or an 8. So I got out an old baking tin, some custard powder, and set him to work drawing numbers in the custard powder. WIN! This was something I’d seen in a Montessori book that I borrowed from the toddler program leader and it was brilliant. He could draw the numbers without the added pressure of having to hold his pen correctly. I would definitely recommend this method. It’s a little messy and I put WAY too much powder in. Cornflour is the recommended base or regular flour.

We also did the Longer and Shorter Basic Concepts Worksheets from Kids Learning Station had a worksheet on measuring which I thought we’d have a go at. He loved the idea of measuring, but he didn’t really understand that you had to start your measurement from the beginning of the tape measure. He just put it anywhere and would read the number at the end. I was telling him that you had to start at the beginning of the tape measure – perhaps I should have told him to start at number 1?

We did a colour by number, also by which in and of itself is no big deal. But he revealed to me while doing this worksheet that he can FREAKING READ! There were four colours in the legend up the top – they were all printed in black. He rattled off which number corresponded with which colour! Without any kind of clues at all. I was absolutely flabbergasted. And proud. So so proud.

We worked quite a lot on ABC Mouse . He’s getting a bit impatient with it as he’s mastered their lessons – it’s just too easy for him but I don’t know how to skip him ahead. I think the only way is to go through all the lessons.

Wow – P was a busy week! Don’t expect the same from Q 😉

January 7, 2013 / Letter of the Week

Letter O

Letter Activities Header


Please ignore our yellowing grass!  It was an incredibly hot day/week.  Here is J and his Dad doing the first step of our Outer Space theme project.  We went to Riot Art and Craft and bought this black card and using watered down white paint made flickings on it that looked like stars.


And here is the finished backdrop.  Hubby, who is quite arty, couldn’t help himself and had to add some special features over and above just flicking stars!


We did some work with the planet packs from 1+1+1=1 which included lining them up in the order they are from the sun and then again in size order.


Here they are after being correctly lined up in order from biggest to smallest.


Here he is working on the three part cards, all outer space related.  This word he actually knew already.  Unlike satellite.  Or Space Station.


Doing some planet vs not planet sorting. This was actually surprisingly difficult for him as some of the not planet things were round (like a comet and a sun) and kinda looked like they could have been planets (if you are three).


And here is the finished product!  We stuck on those planets from 1+1+1=1 along with some others which we made labels for, too.  What a work of art!  He loved that this activity was made up of many individual activities so we might need to do more project based activities now that he’s getting older.


The stickers were really intended for the worksheet below his crayons and the crayons for the one in front of him but that’s not what HE intended!


And here is the finished product.  Note the O sticker on the Opera singers mouth!  And note this is the best colouring in he’s ever done.  Very proud!  As it is every week, all thanks to HomeSchool Creations for these colouring ins.

Ocean Pack

Here he is doing the Ocean Pack from Homeschool Creations. He’s also getting a lot better at pen control.  He wants to do these as fast as possible so I have to slow him down a little – it’s not really very beneficial if he just does a straight line for all of them, including zig zags.  We actually did a lot more of this pack than is pictured.  Basically everything except the writing as he just wasn’t interested.


We did the Olympic Pack from 3 dinosaurs.  He did incredibly well on these ones when they each started with a different letter.  He knows his beginning sounds fairly well.  I also REALLY appreciated that Cassie had done soccer and football rather than just football.  Very considerate of her international readers where football is something else entirely 🙂


The What Comes Next sequencing was no challenge at all, even with all the different possibilities you can see here.


He’s getting so much better at his pre writing practice activities.


He loved doing the cutting practice and asked to do more when it was finished.  He’s really getting quite skilful with the scissors.  Compared to six months ago, he’s going great guns!

Other Activities


This was a Christmas gift from his aunty and uncle (which I actually went out and bought – we each bought for one another’s kids this year).  It says on the box that it’s for ages 2+ and I scoffed at that thinking that a two year old couldn’t rhyme but I wasn’t really thinking outside the box there.  He did this easily because he could match the pictures, not because he was reading the rhymes.  We talked about the rhymes and made silly matches (ie a cat driving a jeep) and he’s starting to get the concept of rhyming but I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this particular puzzle for this purpose in hindsight.  It was only $15 and I do so adore ELC products so I’m not too devo’d.


This was another Christmas present, it’s called “Travel the World” and it’s advertised on the box as being a game for 3+ but I really think that’s a little ambitious.  We’ve had to, for wont of a better phrase, “dumb down” the rules quite a bit in order for J to play it with any success.  However, we’ve found that what he really enjoys is matching the country cards to their locations on the maps by himself rather than really playing it.  But we do play it a LOT, it’s a big hit.  (oh dear God, I’m so sick of it!) So he’s learnt a lot from this game, he can point at all the countries identified without too much of a hesitation at all.  Very impressive.  Another ELC game.  And he’s starting to look at the capital cards, too, rather than just the country cards.


Together we did this colour by letter drawing – can you guess which letters were mine??  And while I normally like to credit the creators of such free materials, these bright sparks had managed to make a typo on their legend.  Yes, the legend that consists of the four letters that you’re supposed to colour, putting a J in the legend and an I on the picture.


We did the same and different basic concept worksheets from Kids Learning Station.


This was another Christmas present which was incredibly difficult to find!  I couldn’t get it in Australia so I had to get it shipped over from the US.  Normally shipping is hideously expensive and just not worth it, but Amazon actually had very reasonable shipping for this really heavy product.


Here he is making the lower case e.  You can see the upper case E in the background.  Naturally this led to making the entire alphabet, albeit over a few days once boredom set in!


Here is half the uppercase alphabet.  We started to do upper and lower together but realised that we were going to run out of pieces.  I’d hoped that we’d have enough to do the entire alphabet just upper but I was mistaken!  So here’s the first bit.


And here’s the rest of the upper case alphabet.


And the lower case alphabet.  Complete with model.


And finally, the end of the lower case.  Phew!  If you think it was bad scrolling through all those photos, imagine living it.


He got this wonderful puzzle for Christmas from his Grandma and Granddad.  It’s a puzzle but it’s also a find an object game, too.  He’s not at all interested in the find the object part of things (even though he has a book very similar and adores it) but we’ve done this puzzle quite a few times.  Here he is early one morning, still in his PJs doing the puzzle with his Dad.Puzzle2

Here is the finished product.  Wish I’d noticed that reflection in the photo when I took it.  There’s not a piece missing, regardless of what it looks like!

December 26, 2012 / Letter of the Week

Letter N


We concentrated on numbers a lot this week, given that numbers starts with N.  And that he adores numbers.  So it was a win win situation, really.

ImageWe made a clock out of a paper plate and some foam number stickers.  I showed him our regular clock and divided the plate into quarters to give him some guidance and he stuck all the stickers where they were supposed to go.  He mastered the “o’clock” times and the “half past something” times and I think that was enough.  As he’s a bit little to really understand fractions, I didn’t worry with the quarter past, quarter to times.  Maybe he would have surprised me?  Who knows!

ImageAnd here is the finished product.  Not perfect, as you can see but he was proud of it.  So proud he ended up ripping all the stickers off about half an hour later.  SIGH.


Here he is writing his numbers.  Yes, we were up to eleven and yes, we’d done one through ten before I got the camera out.  They did get progressively worse but he definitely concentrated on this one because eleven is his “favourite number”.  These sheets came from Teaching My 3 but I can’t find exactly where in her blog.  Oops!


Continuing on with N is for Numbers, he got given a dot to dot book and he absolutely adored it!  He wanted to do the entire book but ONLY managed to do 36 of them.  Truly!  They got progressively harder with the first few only being from one to ten but by the end it was one to twenty five.  


Our last number activity was playing with a fraction game that I bought him from Avon.  I’m not sure that he truly understood the concept past splitting something in half but he could put the “puzzle” together so perhaps he did?  I shall have to revisit in a few months to see if he gets it a bit better.


ImageI’m sure there is educational value in this somewhere, like fine motor control,  but this was really a fun activity.  We dipped the marbles in paint (red and yellow as you can see here but we did blue, too) put them on the paper and then tipped them every which way.  The box is simply an old cereal box with the front cut off and taped up.  

ImageHere is J doing his own painting.


Here are just some of the finished products hanging on the clothes airer.  They look pretty cool!  But the best one was when hubby showed him how to do it in circles rather than just up and down and across.  I want to go to IKEA and get frames for that one it’s so good 

There were other activities that we did this week that didn’t mange to get photographed – 

And back when I had planned this week I thought we would do some napkin folding but he has totally nailed that now with the help of going to the Montessori Toddler Program each week so I didn’t worry about that one!






December 16, 2012 / Letter of the Week

Letter M

This post is not very photo heavy.  Those of you who know me in real life know that my husband and I went overseas recently – this week of activities was done the week before we left so I was a tad distracted with everything else I had going on that week!

Letter Activites

Letter M Stickers

Doing his letter M stickers.  As always, these are from Homeschool Creations.  I got out his do a dot paint pens so he could have a choice but if there is a choice between stickers and anything, it’s stickers all the way.

Mosaic Stickers

I found a mosaic sticker book and he did quite well with it.  But I mean, come on.  It was STICKERS.


I’ve always wanted to try macarons so what better time to do so than letter M week?  I’m a bit of a baking snob in that I will almost always make things from scratch so it was not only the price (nearly $8!!! WTF!!!) but pride that makes it difficult to post this picture.  As it turns out, they were really nice.  Except I made them WAY too big so when it says that it makes 12, well it really only made about half that.  The other benefit of baking from scratch is that there is heaps more that your child can be involved in.  Packet mixes don’t really require much in the way of measuring out ingredients.

Licking the beaters

My son, on the other hand, is no such baking snob.  He’s a beater licking connoisseur.  Maybe I should have just put veggies on the beater?  Thoughts for next time… (should next time ever happen, that is)

Moon Sand

It was a lovely day so we got out the picnic blanket and dug out the old moon sand from the pantry. Moon sand is just flour and oil mixed together.  It is such a lovely texture that even I found myself playing with it mindlessly, too.  There are recipes online where you can make it smell lovely, give it a different colour, make it sparkle etc etc.  I may need to make some of different colours.  OH WOW, hello Christmas gift idea!  Writing that down on the to do list right now.

Moon Sand 2

Although easy to clean up, this stuff is messy.  Do it outside.  I had to change his entire outfit afterwards as he was covered in it.  But he had a good time and that’s what’s important.

Doc McStuffins kit

This was a HUGE hit.  The bag itself was actually a gardening bag that we got him last christmas but I took out the gardening tools and put in stuff from the Doc McStuffins Tot Pack from 1plus1plus1.  What you can see here are a few laminated characters from the show.

Doc McStuffins Kit inside

And inside there are laminated medical instruments, some pom poms as medicine, some plastic shot glasses as medicine cups, and a blue doctors hat that we got from hospital when he had his grommets put in.

dr buzz

And here is the doctor examining his first patient – Buzz Lightyear.

buzz bandaid

This is a terrible photo but I had to include it.  I can’t remember what the diagnosis was but the treatment?  A bandaid!  How toddler!

dr examining

And here is the doctor examining Mummy.  Buzz Lightyear apparently made a full recovery as he was released fairly shortly thereafter.  Or he is dead on the ground in the background.

We played Doctor J for ages that day.  After examining my “sore leg” and “sore arms” (thankfully he doesn’t know of any worse injuries than that) many times over, he would give me medicine to cure it.  The flavour of the medicine needed to corrospond to the colour of the pom pom.  The first few things are pretty easy to come up with by once you’ve gone through all the fruits, vegetables and things you can see (ie, tree flavoured medicine, grass flavoured medicine) it gets a bit difficult to think of new and exciting flavours.  Especially for purple.

Other Activities Header

Glueing Activity

I’m not entirely sure what he’s doing here.  It simply involves a lot of paper and a lot of glue.  I’m sure it was a masterpiece…that may or may not have ended up in our rubbish bin.

Activities without photos this week:

  • Mickey Mouse Tot Pack from 1plus1plus1
  • Disney Flashcards (I’m sure I took photos of these but buggered if I can find them anywhere with all the photos of the overseas trip taking place.  They are a wipe on wipe off card where your child can write the word on the cards.  They were a bit hard for him (but I mean, really, “wheelbarrow”?  What about some simple words Disney!) but he enjoyed it anyway.
  • Length Basic concepts

And we were going to play with the Mosaic Pin Board but ran out of time.  I also tried to get him to do his world map puzzle a number of times but he was simply not interested.

December 16, 2012 / Letter of the Week

Letter L

Letter Activities Header

Letter L Stickers

Here he is sticking stickers on his Letter L from Homeschool Creations.  We started off with circular stickers but as you can see here, he’s “graduated” onto square stickers.

Getting Ready for L

Doing “Getting Ready for L” from 1plus1plus1

L is for sheet

Doing the L is for… worksheet also from 1plus1plus1.  Some of his L’s were much more like C’s by the time we got to the end.  And he can’t really say L very clearly just yet either.  We’re working on it!

Little Einstein Sheets

J loves Little Einsteins!  So when I saw that 1plus1plus1 (they seem to be featuring a LOT this week don’t they?) had done up some worksheets I couldn’t wait for L week.  He was pretty stoked with it and you can see the different patterns he did using his do a dot pens.  I love those things.  I also love that he had to dot in the middle of the O in Leo.

Ladybird Maths

I wish that this photo had turned out a bit clearer – we’re doing basic maths using a ladybird and her spots!  I printed out a bunch of easy flash cards (the 1+ 1 you can see in the top left) and he would put the corresponding spots on the ladybird.  He adored this activity.

Learning Activities Header

Tall and short concept

This is the Tall and Short Concept from Kids Learning Station.  And in case you were wondering, that is a bandanna he is wearing on his head.  We didn’t do many activities this week as he had a sleep over at my Mum and Dads.  Mum, for reasons best known only to herself, bought him a pirate costume which he LOVED.  The bandanna went with the costume and he refused to take it off.  Pick your battles, parents.  This wasn’t worth the hassle.


We played a LOT of Candyland this week.  This game has a really simple concept but it really good at teaching turn taking and the fact that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  He’s pretty good at “losing” because he says that he came second or third or fourth but the bit he struggles with is the having to go backwards if you get that particular pink card.  Many a tantrum has been had and many a game has been packed up early if he can’t get himself under control.  He also loves to play the game with just him and monkey which is all kinds of cute because I used to do that as a kid, too.

Pin and Gear Playset

We also played a lot with this toy this week.  I can never quite get it to look like the front but he has fun with it regardless.


Practising his fine motor skills with his own scissors.  He has improved amazingly with the scissors since we abandoned the safety scissors and just got a regular smaller pair.  He also tells me frequently that I must be very careful with scissors because they’re sharp.  I guess the message does get through!