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December 16, 2012 / Letter of the Week

Letter L

Letter Activities Header

Letter L Stickers

Here he is sticking stickers on his Letter L from Homeschool Creations.  We started off with circular stickers but as you can see here, he’s “graduated” onto square stickers.

Getting Ready for L

Doing “Getting Ready for L” from 1plus1plus1

L is for sheet

Doing the L is for… worksheet also from 1plus1plus1.  Some of his L’s were much more like C’s by the time we got to the end.  And he can’t really say L very clearly just yet either.  We’re working on it!

Little Einstein Sheets

J loves Little Einsteins!  So when I saw that 1plus1plus1 (they seem to be featuring a LOT this week don’t they?) had done up some worksheets I couldn’t wait for L week.  He was pretty stoked with it and you can see the different patterns he did using his do a dot pens.  I love those things.  I also love that he had to dot in the middle of the O in Leo.

Ladybird Maths

I wish that this photo had turned out a bit clearer – we’re doing basic maths using a ladybird and her spots!  I printed out a bunch of easy flash cards (the 1+ 1 you can see in the top left) and he would put the corresponding spots on the ladybird.  He adored this activity.

Learning Activities Header

Tall and short concept

This is the Tall and Short Concept from Kids Learning Station.  And in case you were wondering, that is a bandanna he is wearing on his head.  We didn’t do many activities this week as he had a sleep over at my Mum and Dads.  Mum, for reasons best known only to herself, bought him a pirate costume which he LOVED.  The bandanna went with the costume and he refused to take it off.  Pick your battles, parents.  This wasn’t worth the hassle.


We played a LOT of Candyland this week.  This game has a really simple concept but it really good at teaching turn taking and the fact that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  He’s pretty good at “losing” because he says that he came second or third or fourth but the bit he struggles with is the having to go backwards if you get that particular pink card.  Many a tantrum has been had and many a game has been packed up early if he can’t get himself under control.  He also loves to play the game with just him and monkey which is all kinds of cute because I used to do that as a kid, too.

Pin and Gear Playset

We also played a lot with this toy this week.  I can never quite get it to look like the front but he has fun with it regardless.


Practising his fine motor skills with his own scissors.  He has improved amazingly with the scissors since we abandoned the safety scissors and just got a regular smaller pair.  He also tells me frequently that I must be very careful with scissors because they’re sharp.  I guess the message does get through!


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