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January 7, 2013 / Letter of the Week

Letter O

Letter Activities Header


Please ignore our yellowing grass!  It was an incredibly hot day/week.  Here is J and his Dad doing the first step of our Outer Space theme project.  We went to Riot Art and Craft and bought this black card and using watered down white paint made flickings on it that looked like stars.


And here is the finished backdrop.  Hubby, who is quite arty, couldn’t help himself and had to add some special features over and above just flicking stars!


We did some work with the planet packs from 1+1+1=1 which included lining them up in the order they are from the sun and then again in size order.


Here they are after being correctly lined up in order from biggest to smallest.


Here he is working on the three part cards, all outer space related.  This word he actually knew already.  Unlike satellite.  Or Space Station.


Doing some planet vs not planet sorting. This was actually surprisingly difficult for him as some of the not planet things were round (like a comet and a sun) and kinda looked like they could have been planets (if you are three).


And here is the finished product!  We stuck on those planets from 1+1+1=1 along with some others which we made labels for, too.  What a work of art!  He loved that this activity was made up of many individual activities so we might need to do more project based activities now that he’s getting older.


The stickers were really intended for the worksheet below his crayons and the crayons for the one in front of him but that’s not what HE intended!


And here is the finished product.  Note the O sticker on the Opera singers mouth!  And note this is the best colouring in he’s ever done.  Very proud!  As it is every week, all thanks to HomeSchool Creations for these colouring ins.

Ocean Pack

Here he is doing the Ocean Pack from Homeschool Creations. He’s also getting a lot better at pen control.  He wants to do these as fast as possible so I have to slow him down a little – it’s not really very beneficial if he just does a straight line for all of them, including zig zags.  We actually did a lot more of this pack than is pictured.  Basically everything except the writing as he just wasn’t interested.


We did the Olympic Pack from 3 dinosaurs.  He did incredibly well on these ones when they each started with a different letter.  He knows his beginning sounds fairly well.  I also REALLY appreciated that Cassie had done soccer and football rather than just football.  Very considerate of her international readers where football is something else entirely 🙂


The What Comes Next sequencing was no challenge at all, even with all the different possibilities you can see here.


He’s getting so much better at his pre writing practice activities.


He loved doing the cutting practice and asked to do more when it was finished.  He’s really getting quite skilful with the scissors.  Compared to six months ago, he’s going great guns!

Other Activities


This was a Christmas gift from his aunty and uncle (which I actually went out and bought – we each bought for one another’s kids this year).  It says on the box that it’s for ages 2+ and I scoffed at that thinking that a two year old couldn’t rhyme but I wasn’t really thinking outside the box there.  He did this easily because he could match the pictures, not because he was reading the rhymes.  We talked about the rhymes and made silly matches (ie a cat driving a jeep) and he’s starting to get the concept of rhyming but I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this particular puzzle for this purpose in hindsight.  It was only $15 and I do so adore ELC products so I’m not too devo’d.


This was another Christmas present, it’s called “Travel the World” and it’s advertised on the box as being a game for 3+ but I really think that’s a little ambitious.  We’ve had to, for wont of a better phrase, “dumb down” the rules quite a bit in order for J to play it with any success.  However, we’ve found that what he really enjoys is matching the country cards to their locations on the maps by himself rather than really playing it.  But we do play it a LOT, it’s a big hit.  (oh dear God, I’m so sick of it!) So he’s learnt a lot from this game, he can point at all the countries identified without too much of a hesitation at all.  Very impressive.  Another ELC game.  And he’s starting to look at the capital cards, too, rather than just the country cards.


Together we did this colour by letter drawing – can you guess which letters were mine??  And while I normally like to credit the creators of such free materials, these bright sparks had managed to make a typo on their legend.  Yes, the legend that consists of the four letters that you’re supposed to colour, putting a J in the legend and an I on the picture.


We did the same and different basic concept worksheets from Kids Learning Station.


This was another Christmas present which was incredibly difficult to find!  I couldn’t get it in Australia so I had to get it shipped over from the US.  Normally shipping is hideously expensive and just not worth it, but Amazon actually had very reasonable shipping for this really heavy product.


Here he is making the lower case e.  You can see the upper case E in the background.  Naturally this led to making the entire alphabet, albeit over a few days once boredom set in!


Here is half the uppercase alphabet.  We started to do upper and lower together but realised that we were going to run out of pieces.  I’d hoped that we’d have enough to do the entire alphabet just upper but I was mistaken!  So here’s the first bit.


And here’s the rest of the upper case alphabet.


And the lower case alphabet.  Complete with model.


And finally, the end of the lower case.  Phew!  If you think it was bad scrolling through all those photos, imagine living it.


He got this wonderful puzzle for Christmas from his Grandma and Granddad.  It’s a puzzle but it’s also a find an object game, too.  He’s not at all interested in the find the object part of things (even though he has a book very similar and adores it) but we’ve done this puzzle quite a few times.  Here he is early one morning, still in his PJs doing the puzzle with his Dad.Puzzle2

Here is the finished product.  Wish I’d noticed that reflection in the photo when I took it.  There’s not a piece missing, regardless of what it looks like!


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  1. Cassie @ 3 Dinosaurs / Jan 7 2013 6:12 pm

    I’m glad that you liked having both soccer and football. When I started doing the packs it quickly came to light that there was more than just people in the US using them.

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