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January 26, 2013 / Letter of the Week

Letter P

Letter Activities Header

Paint with water

This picture didn’t turn out too well but he is doing painting with water. He did about three of these before he got bored so definitely well worth the $2 I spent on the entire booklet of templates!


We did the entire Pooh Bear pack from Living Life Intentionally. Here is the addition readiness. I expected him to romp this in and I wasn’t disappointed. He’s been doing simple addition for some time now. The writing of numbers, on the other hand, needs a bit of practice.


He didn’t really seem to get the concept of jump counting although we did manage to fill out all the numbers. This took FOREVER! He also kept putting his numbers back to front (ie, 02 instead of 20). We happened to have a paediatrician appointment a few days after he did this and he assured us that it’s completely normal. It’s more unusual that a 3.5 year old knows his numbers as well as J does.


This was a disaster! I held onto this for SO LONG waiting for P week and it was a bomb. 1. You can only use it once (as in, each piece can only be used once) 2. You need to get a very exact amount of water on it to bond it – too little and it doesn’t work and too much and you end up with a soggy mess 3. There are not really enough of one colour to make any of the suggestions in the instruction booklet except for a tree. Glad I didn’t pay too much for it. I might get it out again in a year or so.


And after that short interlude with Playcorn, we’re back to the Pooh Bear Pack. He did this with no problems at all until we got to Tall and Short and Big and Small. Neither of us could really decide wither Piglet should be Short or Small and same with Roo so I just guessed. It’s pretty bad when even the Mum isn’t sure of a Pre School pack answer! LOL


This blurry photo shows the Pooh Bear Pack Numbers page. This is where he got stuck drawing his 6 and 8’s which led to the first pic under “Other Activities”


I knew he’d do just fine with his colours and he did. It was such a cool pic, though, he did it all by himself and even did a pattern on the P up the top.


We put together his Lego police station that he got for Christmas. He then played with it, demolished it, put it back together (with assistance), played with it again. Definitely a hit. Especially because the lights on the police car flash and make siren sounds when pressed. A little boy’s dream toy!

Playdough Garden

We made a playdough garden! I had made him four colours of play dough for Christmas (and somehow, miraculously, they are all still in four separate colours rather than the one heaps of mish mash I expected) so we put a little in each hole in the egg carton.

Playdough Garden Flowers

And then we “planted” some fake flowers.

Playdough Garden Windowsill

And put them on our windowsill.

Doubloon Graphing

I was sure that I got this Jake and the Neverland Pirates pack from 1+1+1=1 but I can’t find the link to it anywhere – only a Kindergarten Pack which looks very interesting! In this pic he is doing the doubloon graphing. This was a HUGE hit. To him, everything is a race, so the colours were racing to the top. And believe me, it was a close finish πŸ˜‰


We got out the Pin Board again but he really wasn’t terribly interested. Oh well, maybe another time.


I sometimes give this to him during his “quiet time” but he never really does much with it. He needs a bit more direction in order to do it. Here is the felt board when we’d just started putting bits and pieces together.


Here is the finished product! He definitely had some help with parts of it. Like the pants. He totally wanted his pirates to be gangster with pants only pulled up to their knees.


I’ve been holding onto this one for a while, too. Although it said 6+ on the box I figured that he could always just play with it! Turns out that the age recommendation was probably on the money (or at least, it wasn’t suitable for a 3 year old!). I ended up pretty much making it, he passed me things as I needed them.


Here he is with the finished product. It actually turned out quite well and pretty much looked like the one on the box! He loved it and played with it for ages, going back to it on other days, too. Success!


I found a recipe for Puffy Paint online so we gave it a go. It didn’t really work too well for us, I’m afraid. I had to change the recipe (ie, add a heap more water) as my paint was more like dough!


Here is the finished paintings. They are all suns, by the way. The first one we did (bottom right) I don’t think I microwaved for long enough so the middle didn’t really puff up. I doubled the time to microwave (which I’d already doubled from the “recipe”) and the green and the blue singular ones worked out much better. He generally loves painting so I thought he’d really want to do a lot more of these – I’d cut up a heap of cardboard – but he’d had enough after these “masterpieces” were completed.

Other Activities


He was doing some number writing and getting terribly frustrated with his inability to correctly draw a number 6 or an 8. So I got out an old baking tin, some custard powder, and set him to work drawing numbers in the custard powder. WIN! This was something I’d seen in a Montessori book that I borrowed from the toddler program leader and it was brilliant. He could draw the numbers without the added pressure of having to hold his pen correctly. I would definitely recommend this method. It’s a little messy and I put WAY too much powder in. Cornflour is the recommended base or regular flour.

We also did the Longer and Shorter Basic Concepts Worksheets from Kids Learning Station had a worksheet on measuring which I thought we’d have a go at. He loved the idea of measuring, but he didn’t really understand that you had to start your measurement from the beginning of the tape measure. He just put it anywhere and would read the number at the end. I was telling him that you had to start at the beginning of the tape measure – perhaps I should have told him to start at number 1?

We did a colour by number, also by which in and of itself is no big deal. But he revealed to me while doing this worksheet that he can FREAKING READ! There were four colours in the legend up the top – they were all printed in black. He rattled off which number corresponded with which colour! Without any kind of clues at all. I was absolutely flabbergasted. And proud. So so proud.

We worked quite a lot on ABC Mouse . He’s getting a bit impatient with it as he’s mastered their lessons – it’s just too easy for him but I don’t know how to skip him ahead. I think the only way is to go through all the lessons.

Wow – P was a busy week! Don’t expect the same from Q πŸ˜‰


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