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February 9, 2013 / Letter of the Week

Letter Q

Letter Activities Header


His completed Letter Q.  Well, actually, this isn’t the finished product – he coloured all around the white bits and recoloured the mouths.  But this is where I had hoped he would stop!  You can get this printable from Home School Creations

And that’s about it for Q activities this week!  Since Q is basically impossible to think of any activities for, I just decided that we’d revisit some old favourites this week.  We did attempt to make a paper quilt but someone got bored half way through and then ripped up his pictures so there went my only Q activity.

Other Activities Header


I got the moon sand out again and he does love it.  I don’t think he smiled the whole time, he was just concentrating intently.


And moon sand is the only thing I will put in that UGLY casserole dish!


The playing of the World Game (This One) has abated slightly but we’ve come up with a new adaptation!  You can’t really tell from the photo but we put all the countries in alphabetical order and then put their capitals on top.  They weren’t strict alpha order, simply “A countries” and then “B Countries”.  This took ages but he loved it.


We then got out the Letter Construction set and made the capital and the country words.  Thankfully he only wanted to do one country and capital before he got bored.  That would have lasted for days had he wanted to do the lot!

Three Letter Words

We did some matching of three letter words with their respective pictures.  He did extremely well at this although I feel he is only looking at the first letter and recognising that and the sound rather than successfully reading all of these words!  However, that is a step toward reading so that’s all good.  He definitely knows a few of them but there was a bit of guess work going on.


This one kind of baffled me.  I think we did these patterns right near the beginning of Letter of the Week (almost a year ago now) and he couldn’t do it.  There were two different lots of pictures but they both had a ABCA pattern.  This time, he did one easily and then I gave him this one, which, as you can see, is the same ABCA pattern but he couldn’t do it!  He was sure that the rabbit went next and got really grumpy when I tried to tell him that it didn’t.  So how he can “get it” with one lot of pictures but not another I’m very unsure (he had no help on the first one, he just did it) so I’ll keep this pattern and drag it out again in a few months time.


We did the Cat Preschool Pack from 1+1+1=1 that I’d downloaded so long ago and forgot about!  This was all too easy.


I think I said this last post but he adores anything that can, in any way, be thought of as a race.  Graphing is wonderful as it’s a race, you get to do different colours, and your monkey watches on on the background.


Silly, happy, boy!


This worksheet (still from the Cat Pack) is for kids to fill in the blank letters of the alphabet.  But I mainly included this photo to illustrate one of the many positions he likes to do his activities in.  It really doesn’t look comfortable but I guess that’s how kids concentrate.  I wonder if mainstream schooling should pick up on my brilliant observations rather than making kids sit at desks? LOL

First Passport

This wasn’t a planned activity this week.  We’d had an appointment the day before for his eyes and they were running incredibly late….as in 50 minutes late!  And because it was a long appointment he had to have some drops and then wait another 20 minutes before the drops had dilated his pupils enough for the next doctor to do her thing.  Over an hour of waiting time isn’t really ideal for a 3.5 year old but he was so incredibly brilliant and waited so patiently, it was ME who was getting huffy and wanting to throw a temper tantrum, not him!  So because he was exceptionally good for such a long time, I said I’d buy him a present.  This is made by the same people who make his beloved world game and you may be able to see from all the stickers on the front, it’d been marked down to $15.  Score!


And this is what’s in that little suitcase.  It focuses on five countries (Australia, USA, UK, China and Russia) and there are stickers of landmarks, animals, foods, flags and people that you have to stick on the correct page.  That was quite difficult for him.  In the middle is the passport where you’re sticking the stickers.  On the right are some postcards and on the back of them there is a picture to colour in, room for the stamps you can see down the bottom and some questions.  There was also a map where you could write the names of the countries.  The space allocated for writing the countries was quite small.  Fine for UK and USA but Australia definitely didn’t fit using “toddler writing”.


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