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March 25, 2013 / Letter of the Week

Letter R

Letter Activities Header


I love how the colours had to match the background!  You can get this series of printables from Home School Creations

Little Red Hen

We read the classic Little Golden Book The Little Red Hen.  Then he dot painted a picture of a hen.  I tried to continue on with an activity related to the book (we were going to bake bread) but much like the characters in the book, there was no way he was going to bake bread.

Left and Right Worksheet

We did this group of worksheet activities from Kids Learning Station and he kind of astounded me with how quickly he cottoned onto the concept of left and right.  We’d spoken about it before so it wasn’t completely new but he did this worksheet completely by himself and as you can see (checks to make sure) he got everything right!  I’ve tried using left and right in a few real life situations (ie, when I pick him up from child care which way our car is parked) and he almost always goes the correct direction.

Mosaic Letter R

We made a letter R using his Mosaic Pin Board that you saw back in Letter M week.

rainbow craft

Using cotton balls for clouds and coloured pop sticks for the rainbow we made a rainbow picture.  And there is a funny story behind this picture.  I’m not quite sure why I was googling this after the event but I saw a picture that was EXACTLY the same as mine!  So I was all kinds of self righteous and mad before I realised that I’d not even uploaded the picture yet, I was just remembering what it looked like from my camera.  *facepalm*  So there may very well be someone out there looking at this picture thinking it’s exactly the same as theirs.  But it’s not.  I ran out of yellow pop sticks so we had to use two oranges. 😀  But seriously, that’s the only difference.  Crazy!

Golden Books

We read a few more Little Golden Books.  It is amazing how many alternate endings to Little Red Riding Hood there are!

Rocking Robot

We played this Rockin Robot game.  He loves robots so I thought this would be a huge hit.  It kind of wasn’t.  The game has a timer that you set and cards of different robot card templates that you have to make.  If you take too long, the timer goes off and all the bits explode everywhere.  He liked building the robot but hated the explosion.  So we just didn’t use the timer or we set it off only once he’d finished.  He doesn’t like things to be unfinished.

rockin robot

And here it is in progress!  There’s mainly two options for the pieces but the head has four options (on the back of the red eye piece, for example, is square eyes)

Froot Loop Rainbow

I introduced my kid to Froot Loops for the sake of this activity and it is a match made in heaven.  He absolutely adores them.  Not a surprise when you consider how much sugar is in those things!  I can’t believe that it can actually be classed as food!  But he did manage to almost complete his froot loop rainbow before he started munching.

finished froot loop rainbow

Here is the finished product.

Russian Dolls

We made some Russian Dolls from Activity Village.  There is more to the template and you are actually able to nest them inside one another.  Colouring is clearly not his strong point…


Although having said that, this is probably his very best colouring EVER.  It was so good that I even offered to stick it up on his wall.  He is so proud of it, he has to show everyone who comes over to our house his rainbow.


This picture is actually all kinds of awesome.  I cut out some shapes for us to make a robot but before I put them the way they were supposed to go, I just put them on the table and asked J what he could make out of them.  The first thing he came up with was, indeed, a robot (which I stupidly didn’t get a photo of) but then he dismantled the robot and made this city!  There are three houses (the green pieces), one is mine, one is his and one is Daddy’s and we all have swimming pools out the front with a little bit of grass.


Then he took it apart and came up with this dog!

another city

And then he really started clutching at straws and made this other city.


And this is a submarine.  But I totally didn’t have to tell you that, did I??


And finally, here is his robot.

Other Activities


We did some painting and I actually managed to take a pic which really conveys the joy he was feeling.  So even though he’s got a yucky lip and nose and dirty glasses, this is one of my favourite pics I’ve taken of him recently.  It’s so real, if that makes sense.


He still loves his World Game so we made a few of the capitals using his Letter Construction Kit.  And for those of you who don’t know, Godthab is the capital of Greenland.


And Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.  Yes, I did have to just go and look them up.  No, if my son was awake I wouldn’t have needed to.


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