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Letter of the Week came about while searching for activities online for my 2.5 year old.  I loved the idea of having a theme to work with and the alphabet seemed like a good way to also begin our journey into learning how to read.

I work three days a week so we’re quite limited in the time we have together.  I wanted to make every moment count, not just plonk him in front of the television (that’s not to say that he doesn’t ever get plonked in front of the tv, mind you!).  I’m thoroughly enjoying doing these activities and so is he.  He asks to do his “school” on a fairly regular basis.  We don’t have set times when we do it, just when we have time in among weekly shopping trips and play dates.

I’m not a teacher and my degree is in no way related to education.  I’m just a Mum who wants to entertain and educate my kid.


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